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Tutor Engliziya

Why Choose Us

So why choose Tutor Engliziya? For many students, it’s a straightforward decision.

With its various grammar rules, stress patterns, slangs, and idioms, English can pose a challenge for Arabs keen to learn it. The joy of learning a new language is further killed by stuffing bucketful of vocabularies into the memory, which yields minimal progress.

The Tutor Engliziya Approach

Our approach is aimed at helping you understand the complexities of English and achieve fluency level in a very short time.

To enable you truly master the language, we adopt a coordinated language plan that takes you through rich and interactive course materials and sessions. At Tutor Engliziya, learning the English Language transcends memorising new words, it’s about fully integrating you into the society.

Expert Native English Tutors Proficient in Arabic

What better way to learn English than from tutors who understand and speak your native language? We call it the Tutor Engliziya advantage.

Our classes are handled by Arabic-speaking native tutors who understand therules and intonation of Arabic. With this knowledge, our tutors are better able to help you write, read and speak like a native English speaker!

Highly Interactive Online Classes

Just as you are passionate to learn English, we are also thrilled to teach you.

We don’t just pack loads of course materials for you to consume. Instead, we make our classes highly interactive, so that every concept is assimilated.

Mission Statement

We at Tutor Engliziya offer you the opportunity to learn how to speak, write, read and understand the English language.

We provide interactive online classes that are designed to make learning a thrilling and  memorable experience.

Founded specifically to address the challenges Arabs encounter while learning English, Tutor Engliziya aim to quickly integrate Arabs into the larger society through flawless command of the English language.
We strive to yield to the needs of everyone – from the very busy professional to the young student. Hence, our classes are online-based.

The English language is spoken by a quarter of the world’s population and the
second most common language in the world. It is also the language of the internet, business and scholars the world over. Hence, at Tutor Engliziya, our mission is to provide all-inclusive English language packages that make you a
part of the English society.

We aim to empower you to gain friends, share ideas, and build strong relationships that transcend language and nationality. With Arabic-speaking Native English Tutors, we aim to burn the bridge of learning difficulties and make English come naturally to you.

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Empowerment Through Knowledge

We believe that learning a new language enriches your life in more ways than one.
Through language, you can connect with more people, advance your career and foster cultural diversity. Now, that’s empowerment.

Give Your Life A Whole New Meaning

There’s probably nothing more life-changing than learning a new language. More so, the ability to communicate in English unlocks doors of opportunity. It also enables you to see things in another light.
In a world begging for deep cultural awareness and respect, the knowledge of a new language also keeps hopes alive. Shape communities with your understanding of the local language and get influenced too. Build lifelong friendship and unshakable relationships with people from the other side of the world. Learn the English language. Develop yourself and contribute to society.

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