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Our Teachers

Our teachers ignite your passion and instill in you the love for the English Language. They are the bedrock of our success, and will lead you to yours.

This belief necessitated a careful selection of the best teachers who can make English learning an enjoyable and fruitful process.

At Engliziya, our teachers undergo a thorough vetting process before they are appointed. Before hiring our teachers, we run background checks on them to ascertain if they meet the Tutor Engliziya standard.

Our English Teachers

These are steps we take to bring you the best teachers in the business.

  • We hire only teachers who are native speakers of English and are very fluent in Arabic
  • We run checks on their educational background to confirm the genuineness of their skills and certificates
  • We conduct background checks to ensure they are worthy in character and judgment
  • We hold two stages of interviews for prospective teachers to make sure that we appoint only the best
  • The tutors also take demo classes to test their teaching and class control skills and techniques

Learn English With The Best at Tutor Engliziya

With highly qualified teachers who are just as passionate as you are, Tutor Engliziya makes learning a memorable experience for you.

Why are our teachers the best? It’s simple.

Passion for Teaching

Passion is often contagious, especially in a language learning class. Our teachers are filled with an admirable and infectious love for the language so much that as a student, you catch the fever too!

On-The-Job Training

We strive to ensure that our teachers possess the latest skills and techniques required to impart knowledge successfully. Hence, they regularly undergo training and seminars.

Weekly Meetings and Briefings

Happy teachers make learning successful and comfortable. That is why at Tutor Engliziya, teachers’ satisfaction and contentment is our watchword. Hence, every week, we hold briefings and meetings, where they can voice out any challenges they are encountering.

Personalised Teaching

When it comes to learning, no two individuals are the same. With this mind, our tutors understand the importance of personalised education. Our teachers are trained to customise learning to the needs of every student.

The Arabic Connection

The teacher-student connection is crucial while learning a new language. Our teachers, who are extraordinarily fluent in Arabic can connect extremely well with you, explaining key English concepts and ideas in a language you can relate with.

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