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Travel English

Course Overview

Learn Travel English and travel confidently without a need for interpreters.
Travelling is an exhilarating experience. The ability to converse in English with guides, immigration officials, locals and other tourists makes it even more thrilling.

Tutor Engliziya presents you with an opportunity to learn travel English, with which you can book flights and hotel rooms, order local cuisines and lots more.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to book flight, taxis and hotel rooms
  • You will understand travel announcements
  • An ability to order in restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and so on
  • You will be able to communicate with the locals
  • You will have a more thrilling travel

Course Description

This Travel English course is designed to acquaint you with common travel vocabularies and phrases.

The course explains the reason why English is an essential aspect of travel. It also reveals the vocabularies and phrases necessary to pass through immigration and customs easily.

The course also covers hotel and taxi booking. For you to have a fascinating experience, this course walks you through the shopping aspect. You will also learn the types of transportation and how to book one.

With one-on-one classes, interactive videos, you will be able to learn English and travel confidently to anywhere in the world.


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