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TOEFL Preparatory Course

Course Overview

TOEFL is one of the top English proficiency tests in the world today. Accepted by most universities and colleges, a TOEFL test score is required if you intend studying in the UK and other countries where English is the native language.

Our TOEFL preparation course offers an intensive preparation to enable you to get a high score suitable for admission in universities and colleges. Before you take this course, you will be given a diagnostic practice test. Based on the result, we’ll design a customised plan that suits you.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be better prepared to get a high score in your Test
  • You will benefit from expert instructions and well-developed curriculum
  • You will be able to use time-optimising techniques
  • You will be able to use test-taking strategies to your benefit
  • You will be able to sit for the actual TOEFL confidently

Course Description

The course is structured around the four core areas of fluency: Reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Course contents include speaking and writing exercise that stimulates the real TOEFL iBT test. Also, you’ll receive training on how to excellently get the best scores possible in the reading and listening section.

With thousands of practice questions, performance summary that highlights areas you need to work on, this TOEFL course is your surest way to attaining the best score you can ever get.

We’ll design a customised plan that suits you.


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