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English for Children

Course Overview

When it comes to learning a new language, children are geniuses. Leverage this ability by enrolling them in this course now!
The English for Children course is designed to give your child the perfect beginning to a life of fluency in the world’s most important language. As a parent, enrolling your child in this English course is an investment that’ll undoubtedly pay off in the future.

Designed for all children’s age groups, this course consists of lessons that give your child a sound background in the English language. Our native English tutors coupled with innovative and interactive picture materials elicit the curiosity of your child, thereby, making learning easy.
Ultimately, this English for Children course improves your child’s fluency and enhance their writing, speaking, listening and reading abilities. With this, a brighter future is assured.

Learning Outcomes

  • Confidently and fluently communicate in English in a wide range of situations
  • Pass across their thoughts and ideas confidently and correctly
  • Speak clearly and accurately using the correct pronunciation
  • Listen to conversations in English and respond appropriately
  • Read and interpret English texts correctly

Course Description

This course critically examines core areas that equip your child with excellent speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. It takes them through various lessons and exercises that touch on grammar and vocabulary.
The course also includes exciting games and puzzles designed to enhance learning and quicken assimilation. Children also practice reading and writing skills through core syllabus tasks.

With interactive and fun-filled classes, regular homework and self-study tips, your child can become fluent in English in no time.

The English for children course is available 24/7 and comes with full tutor support to walk you through any challenges you might encounter.


Tutor Engliziya is committed to making English language courses affordable for the Arab community. With Arabic-speaking English tutors, interactive online classes, unbeatable prices, and a community that cares, you’ve got it all at Tutor Engliziya.

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