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Entirely online, our classes are designed with the utmost flexibility in mind.
Hence, you can study from any part of the UK at any time without the stress that comes with traditional classes.

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Business English

The Business English course covers interesting contents that are aimed at improving your communication skills. The course dissects the aspect of telephone etiquette, which reveals telephone vocabularies and manners.

General English

The course content touches on the four core areas of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and conversation. Every session introduces new vocabularies and how to use them in various contexts.

English For Children

The English for Children course is designed to give your child the perfect beginning to a life of fluency in the world’s most important language. As a parent, enrolling your child in this English course is an investment that’ll undoubtedly pay off in the future.

Travel English

The course explains the reason why English is an essential aspect of travel. It also reveals the vocabularies and phrases necessary to pass through immigration and customs easily.

TOEFL Preparatory Course

Course contents include speaking and writing exercise that stimulates the real TOEFL iBT test. Also, you’ll receive training on how to excellently get the best scores possible in the reading and listening section.

TOEIC Preparatory Course

The speaking and writing aspect focuses on vocabularies, grammar, organisation and general coherence. In the listening and speaking section, you will be taken through listening and reading comprehension techniques and skills.

Bespoke Classes For Just For You

We have just the perfect course for you. Whether you have zero knowledge of the English language or you are looking to sharpen your English skills, Tutor Engliziya has got you covered.

  • To provide personalised English courses designed for Arabs of all ages and level
  • To open you up to vast opportunities all over the world through the ability to effortlessly communicate in English

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