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Tutor Engliziya is a UK-based language institute focused on helping Arabs and other Arabic-speaking people learn English quickly.

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English language classes aimed at helping Arabs

With a firm belief in the power of language to forge strong connections, build a network of friends, open doors of opportunities and enrich lives, we provide bespoke English language classes aimed at helping Arabs become proficient.

UK-based language enthusiast

Tutor Engliziya was founded by Bint Muhammed, a UK-based language enthusiast. She understands the challenges of speaking, reading, writing and understanding English – especially for an Arab. Hence, together with native English tutors who are proficient in Arabic and understand the Arab culture, Bint Muhammed, through Tutor Engliziya hopes to make English learning not just comfortable but one to be enjoyed as well.

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At Tutor Engliziya, our aim is straightforward – To simplify the numerous challenges Arabs and Arabic speakers face when learning English. These challenges, from the strange writing system to linguistic and cultural differences
are eliminated through a step-by-step explanation by our Arabic speaking teachers who perfectly understand the differences between the two languages.

For many Arabs, learning English can be tortuous and only a necessity. At Tutor Engliziya, our aim is to make every lesson enjoyable and one to look forward to. Although, our courses are very structured, they are flexible enough to suit your needs, requirement and your level.

At Tutor Engliziya, we aim to be an agent of change that transforms you from someone who barely understands a word in English to one who speaks it fluently without any intonation. At Tutor Engliziya, we aim to empower you through the ability to live the English language.


To be a leading institute in the teaching of the English language to citizens of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirate, Qatar, and other Arab nations.
Our vision is to empower Arabs to enable them to fully participate in the community through the mastery of the English language and knowledge of the culture.

Because we understand the role of English as the international business language, we long to see a future where Arabs will express themselves fluently in English and bring to the fore, the traditional richness of the Arab culture during global business discussions.
Our vision is to build a world-class English learning institution where English is used as a tool to foster deep relationships with other speakers of the language in a diverse world.


Tutor Engliziya promises both its students and teachers a learning environment where everyone can benefit from one another. As native English speakers who understand Arabic, our teachers can greatly impart knowledge to students while learning more about the Arab culture from them.
We pledge to offer our utmost to every student, regardless of age, educational level, gender or background. In the near future, Tutor Engliziya promises to produce students who use their command of the language for their advancement and that of the community.


  • To make English language learning convenient and enjoyable
  • To fast-track the learning process with the support of Arabic-speaking English tutors
  • To provide personalised English courses designed for Arabs of all ages and level
  • To open you up to vast opportunities all over the world through the ability to effortlessly communicate in English

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