Tutor Engliziya can help you speak, write and read English perfectly

For Arabic speakers, learning the English language can be frustrating and daunting. There are many mistakes that Arabic speakers make when learning English as a second language. These mistakes are because of the differences in consonant sounds, structure, punctuation length and so on. Thankfully, Tutor Engliziya can help you speak, write and read English perfectly.  

Tutor Engliziya (English in Arabic) is an online institute where native and non-native Arabic speakers can learn how to speak and write English fluently and correctly. Our classes are suitable for natives of the Gulf Countries – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirate (UAE), Bahrain, and Iraq – and natives of other Arab countries including Egypt, Morocco, Palestine, Jordan and others.

Our classes are designed to suit everyone’s level of understanding. The classes and lessons cover the Beginners, Intermediate and advanced levels in the English Language. On completing each level, you will be able to participate actively in English conversations, understand English when it is being spoken to you, and make yourself understood in various situations.

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What You Will Gain From Our Classes

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On completing the classes, you will be able to:
  • Understand basic grammar rules of the English Language
  • Write correctly in the English language
  • Speak fluently in English with the correct intonation
  • Speak with no Arabic accent
  • Converse with people on various subjects
  • Use new vocabularies during conversations

What Makes Us Different

There is a vast difference between identifying and saying some words in a language and knowing the language. At Tutor Engliziya, we help you to understand the English language no matter how difficult you find it. 

The following reasons make us stand out from the crowd.

Learning Method

To speak English correctly fluently and understand how it is used, you have to practice it. Here at Tutor Engliziya, our classes are fully participatory. You start speaking English from the first class by imitating the British tutor. You will also listen to your assigned tutor speak. Gradually, you will have a good grasp of the language and can speak fluently and write correctly.

British Tutors Fluent in Arabic

With British tutors, you get to understand and use the correct English intonation and avoid the errors Arabic speakers make when speaking English. Also, our tutors are very fluent in Arabic, which will ensure any language barrier is eliminated and you make progress quickly. 


The classes are held entirely online with your assigned tutor, which ensures that you can study at any time of your choice from anywhere in the UK. The classes are one-on-one and focus on active conversations with native English tutors who are very fluent in Arabic. 

For All Levels and Ages

At Tutor Engliziya, students of all levels are welcome, from students with no previous knowledge of English language to those who understand some aspects of the language. In addition, students of all ages are accepted.

Tutor Engliziya is committed to ensuring you adjust quickly to life in the UK by being able to speak and write in English. With our one-on-one classes and native tutors, we will help you achieve this in no time. 

Tutor Engliziya is an institute based in the UK that aims to dissect the fundamentals of the English language to make learning easy.

Don’t Just Learn the Language. Live it.

Are you from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and other Arab states and are keen to learn and live the  English language? Then welcome to Tutor Engliziya.

Specially designed for Arabs, our English courses are taught by qualified native English speakers who are also incredibly fluent in Arabic.

Communicate Freely and Fluently

As one of the top institutes in the UK, our courses, tutors and dedication are impeccably designed to align with your goals. We are all about offering you the very best – to enable you to communicate freely and fluently in English, as well as fit into everyday life in the UK, and the world at large.

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At Tutor Engliziya, we’ve designed our courses to cater for students of all levels. So, whether you are a beginner grappling with the Queen’s language or someone at a more advanced level, our English language courses are just perfect for you.